Monday, 6 August 2012

piCture pOlish

Today I would like to introduce you to these out-of-this-world nail polish shades (please excuse the quality of some of these photos, I no longer have my camera with me at the moment). 

piCture pOlish is an Australian brand of nail polish. The shades are vibrant and fun and there are so many to choose from. The formulas last for a long time without chipping and the shades apply nicely to the nail with no clumps or streaks.

The two shades that I recently got are Kryptonite and Orbit.

Kryptonite was designed with the help of an Aussie blogger, Catherine (you can read more about it here). To cut a long story short, Cathering and piCture pOlish have designed this amazing shade that really is so unique and so beautiful. The vibrant green colour contains tiny, multicoloured sparkles throughout the formula. 

It's so funky and is definitely not a colour that I've had in my collection before. I love that the bottle features bold, white writing which makes the label easy to read. I applied two coats on the nail below and got a perfect application and the colour was amazing.

You can purchase or read more about Kryptonite or purchase one for yourself ($11.50) by clicking here.

Orbit is my favourite shade out of the two. As soon as I applied it, I was in love. I only needed one coat and the colour was perfect. Orbit is a stunning purple shade with tiny flakes of silver throughout. It's metallic looking and so funky to wear. I can't get enough!

You can purchase or read more about Orbit or purchase one for yourself ($9.50) by clicking here.

I am so impressed with both shades - the way the apply and the colours that you're left with are stunning. If you're looking for some new polishes to try out, I recommend checking out piCture pOlish and their massive range of colours. 


  1. These polishes look great, love the green! I have yet to try a PP product but have only heard praise about them and I love the look of one of their older shades, Wisteria.

  2. I am not really fond of purple, but this makes me want to get a purple nail polish (but it has to look like this) :D

  3. I've heard so much about these polishes and cant wait to get some. They are gorgeous