Saturday, 25 August 2012

Pacifica Natural Spray Perfume

Pacifica Natural Spray Perfumes are made with natural, pure-grain alcohol and contains essential and natural oils. This is a new brand to me and before this perfume I had never really heard of the Pacifica brand. If you're one for fruity, tropical scents then this one is for you. It has quite a strong scent with notes such as sweet Guava and berries, Pomelo and coconut. 

"This blend was inspired by one of my favorite surf trips to Hawaii. We spent hours sitting on the lanai watching the waves, the warm smell of coconut wax on our surfboards mingling with the sweet scent of the guavas from the tree in front of our house. This blend is reminiscent of paradise."

I have had plenty of compliments whilst wearing this perfume. It's really one of those smells that can instantly make you feel refreshed and happy. As the perfume wears down, it keeps it's fruity scent but is almost more relaxed and beachy (this is when the "surfboard wax/coconut scent kicks in!) The packaging is super cute and fun with it's bold floral designs and gold lid. 

A 29ml bottle of perfume costs $34.95. I've used mine many, many times and I can tell it's going to last me quite awhile as it's hardly made a dint in the amount of product in the bottle. The scent lasts a few hours on the skin, not as long as other perfumes I own, but I can still notice a very faint smell at the end of the day even if I've only applied it once. I tend to apply it multiple times during the day because I love the first, intense, fruity notes at the beginning. 

You can pick up a Pacifica perfume by clicking here or here.


  1. very interesting post.

  2. oOoO this sounds like it would smell like an amazing Summer! I am looking for a scent that will make me want to jump right into the warm weather with gusto and I'm definitely going to give this one a whirl.

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