Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Original Source Mint And Tea Tree Shower Gel

Hello, hello! My kitty (Meika) and here today to show you one of my most favourite products from the month of August - the Original Source Mint And Tea Tree Shower Gel.

I've passed this product so many times in the supermarket, but for some reason I never really gave it a second look. On one particular trip I was at Coles stocking up on my bathroom essentials and stopped by the soaps/body wash section to pick up a new shower gel/body wash. This little beauty was on sale and I am so glad that I gave it a shot. If you're a lover of minty scented things, then you must give try this out. 

The bottle states that there are 7,900 real mint leaves in every single bottle! I'm not quite sure whether that is true or not, but either way - I was sold. I find minty scents to be very uplifting and refreshing. I also find it to be particularly good when you have sore or aching muscles, as it can be really soothing as well.
Mint has so many benefits, and the scent of mint alone can help aid with digestion! It is also good for things such as headaches, coughs and pimples. The other amazing ingredient in this shower gel is Tea Tree. Tea Tree is often recognised for its healing properties but it can also aid with reducing headaches and lowering blood pressure.

This really is a bottle full of goodness! 
This shower gel is so inexpensive at about $3 ($1.99 at Chemist Warehouse!) and is really worth picking up next time you happen to spot it. 
Have you used any of the Original Source Shower Gels? 


  1. Great review, I need to get myself some of that :)
    Btw..your picture is so pretty and your kitty is adorable <3

  2. KITTY! Your kitty is super cute :) I have heard of these a few times, but never tried anything from this brand. Might have to pick one up next time :) x

  3. Have you tried the Shea Butter and the Lime versions? They are amazing! :)

  4. I'm using the lemon one now and i LOVE the refreshing scent!

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