Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Lush Blackberry Bath Bomb

We recently had a Lush store move into my local area and I couldn't be more excited! On a trip there on the weekend I picked up this deliciously gorgeous Blackberry Bath Bomb.

I haven't seen this one in stores before and the sales girl told me it had just come out a few weeks ago. It's described as a relaxing bath bomb that will bring you calm and clarity to a busy hectic life and that's exactly what it does. The scent is so pretty and soothing, it's definitely one that I could soak in for ever. 

The Blackberry Bath Bomb turned my bath amazing shades of pink and purple. 

And I found a cheeky little surprise floating around in the water afterwards!

This bath bomb was $6.50 and is available in store or you can purchase online by clicking here.


  1. That's so cute :) I love lush! I find it amazing that they demonstrate the bath bombs in store using the whole thing! They appear to invest a lot into their customer service as well so I love shopping there!

  2. This even LOOKS relaxing lol great post and i love the little suprise you found :)