Thursday, 20 September 2012

Healthy Lunch Idea

Sometimes I struggle to find healthy things for lunch, but lately this is what my middle meal looks like and it tastes SO yummy!

Start of with a soft, flat wrap. I like using the Mission Mini Wraps (but there are so many choices out there that are much better for you - I just love the taste of these ones, especially after they have been toasted). 

Pop down some spinach. This is something I always keep in my fridge, as I enjoy it much more than lettuce. I use it in everything - sandwiches, salads, steamed by itself and I like mixing it in with rice when I have a side dish. Is that weird?

Place down some cheese if you wish. I usually use the Weight Watchers sliced cheese, but I was out of it so this regular cheese will do!

Now decide what you want to put on the wrap. I usually have chicken on mine - sometimes I buy a cooked chicken from the supermarket and just store it in the fridge to use for lunches and dinners for a few days. Or you could cook up some chicken from the freezer (I've tried it with chicken schnitzel and it was amazing!). Tuna is another yummy one to choose and super healthy! For this wrap I choose to put some leftover cooked chicken on.

Once you've done that, wrap it up and pop it into a flat surface toasted (if you have one). This melts the cheese and makes it extra tasty! Once it's toasted slightly, take it out and open up the wrap a little. This is when I like to add my favourite sauces. For this one I choose a light mayonnaise. But I'm also really addicted to Dijonnaise Sandwich Mayo - if you haven't tried it, make sure you do! Delicious!

And there you have it! A quick, easy and super tasty wrap for those times when you have no idea what else to make.

What quick and easy lunch idea to you like to make? xx

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  1. I like this post! It's something different. :) Thanks for sharing. I'll remember to try this out one day.