Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Supermarket Goodies

I picked these up purely because they are probably the only supermarket make-up wipes that I haven't tried yet (I'm still searching for the perfect ones! Any recommendations?). These are okay. They're quite thick and... wet? They do an okay job of removing make-up, but they just don't leave me with that "clean" feeling. 

A reoccurring item in my shopping trolley! I can never get over how cute the packaging of these tampons are.

I've mentioned these plenty of times. Colourful, inexpensive and they do the job.
What more can I say? 

I decided to give this baby oil a go as a cheap alternative to my regular body oils. So far it just the job just as good - but without the pretty scents of my usual oils. I love adding a little to a bath but I use it every night or after a shower to moisturise my skin.

I love the smell of this scrub! It's so fruity and fresh. It lathers up really nicely, but leaves my skin feeling a little dry afterwards so I always use a good moisturiser. Other than that I love it and it's been working really well on my skin.

I always keep these around the bathroom or near the toilet (TMI?) just for those times when you want to feel a bit more freshened up and clean. 

Do you use any of the products shown here? 
Comment below!


  1. Great buys ! Love those tampons too, super cute.

  2. The beauty aisles in supermarkets seem to be getting bigger, they stock a much bigger range these days than they used to.

    I've been thinking of getting some baby wipes to keep in the bathroom for the same reason as you, seems to be pretty common these days!