Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Charity meets fashion!

JETS swimwear has recently announced that they will work together with Katies and Sony Foundation's charity program, You Can to help raise awareness about youth cancer. 

If you don't know what You Can is, it's a charity that helps support and raise awareness about youth cancer through customers donations of old mobile phones. 

In each Katies store, customers will be provided with free postage envelopes which enables them to donate their old mobile phones. We all have those bulky old phones sitting around in cupboards at home - now is the chance to get rid of them and help a fantastic cause at the same time. Customers will can also be provided with envelopes online.

When a mobile phone is donated from a customer, it is then sent to a central Australian warehouse where the phones are sorted according to the different models. Any memory on the phones are erased and any left behind SIM cards are destroyed.

The donated phone is then refurbished and resold. If any phones or parts cannot be used, they are broken down and any plastic or metals are then recycled. Sony Foundation is then given a donation for each recycled mobile phone!
The money raised through this charity will go towards the development of a network of specialised youth cancer facilities around Australia. These centres will help to improve survival outcomes for those aged between 15 and 30. Some centres will be built from scratch and others will be existing buildings. 

Teenagers and young adults tend to fall into a gap within Australians health system. Patients are often treated in wards which are established for older people in mind and this can have a massive impact on a young persons treatment and survival. 

JETS swimwear has launched a beautiful 15 piece collection which is available from the clothing store, Katies.  The pieces come in a range of styles to suit everyone, from tropical prints to block colours and even some animal prints and stripes! The items are so beautiful.

To learn more about the charity, click here or to view the collection click here.

The collection will be available from Wednesday 24 October 2012.

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