Monday, 22 October 2012

Mancine Hot Salt Scrub

You've probably seen this product sitting in your local beauty salons - which is where I found mine. I'd been eyeing it off for awhile but I was undecided as I couldn't find any reviews on the product and didn't want to dislike it and have it sitting in my bathroom counter for years to come.

The hot salt body scrub is made by Australian company Mancine. The formula is made up of Australian sea salts, jojoba oil, vitamin E, sweet almond oil and soya bean. Although it looks almost like a slushie, it does a fantastic job of exfoliating skin without being harsh or rough when applied. 

It has a beautiful scent that reminds me of green iceypoles and the smell lasts on my skin after use. It's almost good enough to eat! It does leave a slight residue on the skin but my skin always feels amazing and hydrated after using. 

After using this body scrub I have noticed a difference in the smoothness of my skin.

You can pick these products up from your local beauty salon or online here.
(the website has a 2 for $45 deal at the moment!)

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  1. I can't help but notice and comment on how cute your dog is! :) The body scrub sounds good. Thanks for the review.