Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Innoxa Renew Anti-Ageing and Firming Night Crème

 The Innoxa Renew Anti-Ageing and Firming Night Creme is a beautiful, new addition to my nightly facial routine. It helps to smooth and firm wrinkles for a more youthful appearance. The formula contains goodies such as aloe vera, cucumber, avocado and jojoba oils which soothe and leave skin feeling super hydrated without leaving any greasy feeling residue behind.

This cream is quite thick so if you're not into heavy products on the face then this one won't be for you. For that reason, I only use this at night as a night cream but it has been suggested that it can also take the place of your daily facial moisturiser. 

The cream does have a slight scent to it but I found it to be subtle and I don't notice it after applying to the face. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated after every use. I can't really say much about the anti-ageing properties as my skin is still quite young but it really does make a nice nightly cream regardless of your age (the products also help with the prevention of things such as wrinkles, so it doesn't hurt to start early!)

I also love the way the packaging looks. It's pretty pink, glass container looks oh-so-cute sitting on my bathroom counter along with some other Innoxa products that I will be reviewing soon. You don't need a whole lot of product to cover the face and I tend to just dab my finger in a few times to spot the product on the cheeks, chin and forehead and then blend in. I have a feeling this cream is going to last me quite awhile! 

You can purchase the cream from Priceline, Myer and certain pharmacies and chemists for $34.95

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  1. Ooh this sounds nice! I am currently using something very similar from Natio :) but I might have to check this one out too!