Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Remington Perfect Curls

I am honestly shocking at curling my hair. No matter what tool I use, how I use it, how many Youtube tutorials I watch... I just can't seem to get that amazing curl. 

Recently whilst I was browsing Beauty Heaven, I decided to put the question out there to any girls who might have any tips or advice on why I couldn't get the curl that I wanted. One member suggested I try out the Remington Perfect Curls, and after reading the positive reviews I went out the next day and picked up my very own from Priceline. 

It's a gorgeous pink colour with a 19mm ceramic coated barrel and a hight heat setting of 180 degrees. The ceramic barrel helps to lock in moisture whilst styling which means you will get a more shiny, beautiful result.

The most amazing thing about this curler is the barrel.

The barrel has a raised, spiral protective covering which ensures that you won't get burnt whilst curling. It also guides around the barrel which makes it super easy for people like me who just cant seem to get it right! 

There is a spring action clip located at the end of the barrel. This helps to lock your hair securely in place so there is no movement while you're styling. 

I don't know how this would go on long hair, as eventually you run out of "twirling room" but it would still be great for those times when you might just want a bit of curl on the ends of your hair.

Below are some beautiful curls that I did on my little sister's hair using the Remington Perfect Curls. The curl you get depends on how much hair you wind around the barrel and  how long you heat it.

To view the curler in action, watch the small video below!

I picked mine up from Priceline for about $33 (on sale). You can also get them from places such as Myer, Target, Harvey Norman, Good Guys and Big W. 

To find out more you can visit the Perfect Curls website.


  1. Very nice curls! They do look easy to use. :)

  2. Love your curls! Thank goodness I recently chopped my hair from waist to just-past-shoulder-length or I'll be seriously tempted to buy one!