Monday, 19 November 2012

Swissdent Nanowhitening Toothpaste

I am a big fan of teeth whitening products. They give such an amazing clean and some products can really help to get your teeth looking whiter, cleaner and healthier. 

I've been playing around with this brand of toothpaste for the last few weeks and I have been pleased with the results. The Swissdent Nanowhitening Toothpaste is designed for those with mild tooth discolouration and sensitive teeth. 

The reason this toothpaste differs from others is the formula. The formula is designed to help clean and whiten teeth without damaging or scratching the enamel layer (Enamel is the hard outer layer of the tooth, which helps to protect against tooth decay).

The first thing I noticed about this toothpaste was the consistency of the formula. Unlike other whitening toothpastes which tend to feel a little rough, this product was quite quite creamy and looks like a lotion.

I tend to have sensitive teeth and I didn't experience any irritation whilst using the toothpaste and it did a fantastic job of improving the appearance of my teeth. The formula isn't super minty, but it still leaves your breath feeling fresh and clean.

The price tag is a bit steeper than your average whitening toothpaste at $15 for a 50ml tube but I've been using it for a few weeks now, three times a day and I still have plenty left in the tube so it will last quite awhile. 

You can get this product from places such as Terry White Chemists and you can also find it in various other chemists in your area. To find your closest stockist, you can click here.


  1. I heard about SWISS or read somewhere. But this time the products looking very effectful and the formula for protect against enamel layer and tooth decay is very efficient among other teeth whitening products .

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  3. Teeth are the ultimate mirror of the face. Now a days there are lots of kits and products are available in the market than the toothpaste which are easy to use, You can go for those also. Thank you.