Saturday, 26 January 2013

Garnier Anti Dark Circles Roll-On

Garnier Anti Dark Circles Roll-On has been designed to reduce darkness under the eyes and conceal any imperfections at the same time. Caffeine and lemon essence are included in the ingredients to help pesky under eye circles - which I tend to have quite badly lately!

I found the anti-fatigue side of this product to be not as great as I'd hoped (sadly, my dark circles still linger) but it does feel refreshing when applied to the under eye area. The concealer acts as a good base before I apply my actual concealer to the area. I apply this product right after washing my face and then pat the concealer product in, following up with my foundation routine and then my proper concealer over the top. I find this added step of the Garnier Anti Dark Circles Roll On has helped me that little bit more to disguise any darkness that might be happening in the morning. 

The consistency is quite watery but I found that the product blends quite nicely into the skin and the color choice was perfect. It has a slight refreshing scent to the product but it is unnoticeable when applied. It's quite expensive, but you can often find it in supermarkets on sale - I purchase mine for roughly $15 whilst on sale.

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  1. I have this one! I wasn't very happy with it although it did feel very refreshing on application. I found that the shade didn't really match my skintone and I agree with you that it is quite runny! I felt as too much product came out when I applied it too :( Oh well it was worth trying I guess :)