Friday, 11 January 2013

Pearly Whites

I'm guilty of buying the cheapest possible toothbrushes around. I don't want to spends a lot on a brush that isn't going to last all that long - I'm all about budget buying! But recently I lingered a little longer in the toothbrush section of the supermarket. As I was browsing the many different types of brushes, an image of my current beloved toothbrush came into my mind, complete with fraying bristles that feel like steel needles on my gums. 

So I decided to try something a little different and walked away with this little beauty. This toothbrush is a Reach Total Care Multi-Action brush and has left me wondering why I've stuck with my other dodgy toothbrushes that have probably done nothing good for my teeth and gums.

The Reach Total Care Multi Action toothbrush removes 90% of bacteria and plaque from your teeth. It has a handy tongue-cleaner, which is a little gross - but oh-so-good for you! 
The biggest thing I noticed when using this brush was how soft it was on my teeth and gums. It gives a really comfortable brush and the brush itself is super flexible so it reaches all those spots in your mouth that can sometimes be a bit tricky. The brush comes in soft and medium bristles so there is one to suit all needs. 

This is one very affordable toothbrush that will make it's way into my shopping trolley from now on.

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