Friday, 8 February 2013

Clarisonic Mia

The Clarisonic Mia has completely changed the way I go about my skincare routine. It's my new best friend / beauty addiction. I was lucky enough to receive the Clarisonic Mia as part of the Beauty Heaven Trial Team. The Mia is the Clarisonic's little sister - smaller and more compact, but does the job exactly the same. 

I'm sure most people already know what the Clarisonic is and have read all the rave reviews from happy customers, but if you haven't heard here is a little run down for you.

As the name suggests, the Clarisonic uses Sonic skincare techniques. This sonic technique allows the system to produce more than 300 movements a second, which gives you a deeper more thorough clean (it removes 6 times more makeup and 2x more dirt off your face!). 

The device has just one button which makes it super easy to use and I love that there was no need for confusing dials and settings - one push and I was on my way to glorious skin!

Once you switch the device on it immediately begins to pulse. The pulsing gives of quite a loud vibrating noise so be prepared for that! It's recommended to use the system twice a day. I found it best to just stick to my regular night cleansing but also began cleansing first thing in the morning - something I hadn't really done before!

Sonic cleansing has many benefits; softer and smoother skin, allows creams and serums to be absorbed better into the skin, reduces oils on the skin as well as dry patches, blemishes and visible pores.

The Mia came with a magnetic charger which simply clicks into place on the end of the device. A Mia that is fully charged will give you 20 minutes of use. I tend to just chuck mine on the charge overnight every now and again and that keeps it going for quite awhile. You only need to use the Mia for 2 minutes a day so you don't require a whole lot of charging.

I have been using my Clarisonic Mia with my usual Trilogy Cream Cleanser and it has been doing the job beautifully. I love the it only takes a minute to complete the entire face so it doesn't add mass amounts of time onto my already lengthy night and morning routine. 

I swipe a makeup remover wipe over my face before use. I feel that this gives me a better clean because the makeup is gone before I use the Mia. I begin on my left cheek first, going around in small circles whilst counting to 20. I then move onto my right cheek for the same amount of time, to my chin for 10 seconds and 10 seconds on my forehead - with any remaining time spent on any problems areas which is usually my chin or cheeks. 

The directions  say to spend 20 seconds on the chin and forehead and 10 seconds on each cheek. Make sure you follow the directions first, but if you find that it's not working for you, feel free to change it up to suit your needs.

Once you've completed all the areas just rinse the cleanser off and pat dry with a towel. I then follow with a toner, blemish cream, rosehip oil, night moisturiser and eye cream. Since using my Mia my other skincare products have been working better than ever. You will notice how your skin is able to suck in everything that you apply. My moisturiser worked better, my rosehip oil felt more amazing and my blemish creams worked to the max! 

My skin before the Mia was okay. It was quite oily in places sometimes and I had the occasional break out here and there - mostly around my hormonal time of month. I find that after using the system is takes so much less time for a blemish to heal and I'm finding less and less blemishes are forming. My pores have been reduced, my oil levels aren't as bad and my foundations look amazing when I apply them. I've read reviews of girls going through a purging stage while using the Mia which I was worried about but I manged to get through weeks of use without having any sign of mass pimples - hooray!

Below is a (disgusting) photo of the brush head before and after use. You can see in the second photo that the brush head is discolored as it had still managed to remove a heap of grime even after I had used the makeup wipe. 

The Clarisonic Mia truly is an amazing product and I look forward to forever having it as part of my skincare routine. If you have been looking into purchasing one, I highly recommend you do and I guarantee that it is worth every cent of the price tag. 

Below are a few snippets from a get ready with me video I was recently putting together.  The first 40 seconds are without make up, showing moisturiser applied. The second half of the clip you can see how flawless my foundation and concealer looks when applied to the skin.


  1. You're so lucky to have received this from beauty heaven! Lucky thing.


  2. very lucky of you vortrebelle! and your skin look AMAZING! i really want to buy one now i've seen all the BH'ers reviews.