Sunday, 2 June 2013

Aquiesse Candles

These candles are simply captivating; from the fragrance to the look of the candle themselves, the quality of each item and the amazing burn time. 

They form part of the Black Currents and White Currents Portfolio Collection from Aquiesse Candles. The design is so beautiful and elegant - even if you don't burn them they still look fantastic on display around the home!

The White Iris & Vetiver candle (from the White Currents collection) is a more softer candle of the two that I have and is a blend of exotic Lily, Muguet Sweet Ginger & White Musk. Described as a fresh fruity fix of white florals to soothe the soul and awaken the senses - I love it's delicate, floral scent. 

The Black Orchid (from the Black Currents collection) has much more a bold, masculine scent. It is a blend of Orchid, Rose, Vanilla Sandalwood & Dark Musk. I instantly fell in love with the look and scent of this candle. Everything about it is sophisticated and sensual. 

Aquiesse Candles are made from pure natural wax and the luxurious burn is thanks to the led-free wicks. The beautiful scents are developed using essential oils and extracts.

The prices for each candle is as follows:

Black Orchid    $29.95 - 100 hours burning time
Black Orchid Travel Tin Candle  $9.95 - 20 hours burning time

White Iris & Vetiver    $29.95 - 100 hours burning time

You can find out more by visiting the website.

What's your favorite candle of all time? Do you love scented candles that fill the room or are you more of a candle-lover for decoration purposes?


  1. Looks very luxurious. I've never used/bought candles before. I'm looking to start. Do you have any recommendations? Maybe something a bit more affordable to start with? :)

  2. Gorgeous candles and fantastic blog!
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  3. what an incredible Aquiesse Candles and you have shown it in such a nice way thanks alot

  4. This candle sounds beautiful :) my favourites are glasshouse candles, I love montego bay and the vanilla one (I forget the name!)

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