Wednesday, 22 January 2014

This is the prettiest tea set that I have ever seen. But it's not just it's pretty looks that drew me in, but the rave reviews and many benefits that comes with it.

Your Tea is a company that produces organic tea blends for different needs. I am currently using the Tiny Tea 14 Day Teatox set. The Tiny Tea is a blend formulated to help with digestion, weight loss, improving the appearance of your skin, increasing energy and reducing bloating (and it even reduces PMS symptoms!). It's based on Chinese medicinal practices and although it may sound like a gimmick, I can assure you that this tea is not.

The tea itself has an earthy blend. It comes in teabag form which makes it super easy to use. I have one in the morning and one either before lunch or before dinner (it's recommended to have one before each meal but I find that 2 a day works fine for me). The tea has a very earthy, organic taste. I add honey or lemon into my cup and let it soak with the tea bag for 5 to 7 minutes before drinking. 

I've seen amazing reviews of girls who claim to have lost a significant amount of weight whilst using this tea. I am only early on into my Teatox and haven't noticed any surprising weightloss. However, my skin has improved and I can notice a difference with my energy levels. I can also report no PMS this month - perhaps because of this magical tea?!
The Teatox is a little expensive and might not suit those on a budget. The 14 day teatox is $35.00 and the 28 day Teatox is $55.00. But with the amount of benefits this tea has, I highly think it's worth the splurge - even if you give it a go just the once. 

I will report back in at the end of my Teatox and let you all know of the results, but I am happy with it so far.

Have you tried a YourTea product? What did you think?

You can read more on the TinyTea by clicking here.

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