Wednesday, 13 July 2011

face wipes.

I am always in a rush, and always travelling from one place to another - from friends places, to home, to my boyfriends, back to home, to the gym - it just never ends.

This is why for years I have always relied on face wipes. They are quick and convinient and do the job of succesfully removing my makeup. I use them before and after the gym, in the morning when I wake and they are amazing during summer when you want that clean refreshed feeling.

I've tried a few good brands over the years. The main one I return to is the Nivea Gentle Cleansing Facewipes for dry and sensitive skin.

They are so soft, and leave my skin feeling refreshed and clean.

I've noticed that some brands leave the skin feeling dry, and the wipes themselves dont feel like they contain much moisture. But I'm quite happy with the Nivea Visage brand.

I pick these up at my local Coles for about $6. I usually pick up a few packets and keep them in various places like my bathroom drawers, in my bag and sometimes I have a pack in the glovebox of my car which comes in handy sometimes!

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