Thursday, 14 July 2011

Going to the chapel and we're gonna get married.

Recently I attended a wedding. It was during the warmer weather which meant I could comfortably wear one of my nicest dresses without feeling chilly. I thought I would share with you all my outfit and where I got it from!

So this is the outfit that I wore on the day. It's a cream colored strapless lace dress, and underneath it has a pastel pink slip, which shows through the holes in the lace over the top.

The dress is the Lace Broiderie Dress by Dotti. It was on a clearance rack for $20. I picked it up, but it sat in my closet for a whole year before I wore it to this wedding!

Below is a photo showing the jewlrey that I paired with this dress.

I paired the dress with a few different types of bangles from Diva. I chose one of those bulk lots of bracelts, that comes with like 10 different kinds - and then just picked a few out of those. I mixed some gold ones, in with the pink and added the pearl ones afterwards.

I wore this ring, which I also got from Diva. It matched in really well with the silver, gold and white

At the last minute I realised I didnt have any shoes! So I rushed down to the shopping centre and would believe how hard it is to find a cream pair of heels?! I ended up with this pair, which I got from Famous Footwear for $30. I also paired these with a simple white anklet
(note - i'm not actually tanned. It's all thanks to my amazing Sally Hansen product which i've mentioned in a previous post!)

For my makeup I just went simple. Foundation, a bit of mascara, a soft pink blush and a light colored lipstick.
I have my clip-in hair extensions, which I then styled into a low side ponytail.

Weddings are so fun!

What's your fave occasion to dress up for?
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