Thursday, 14 July 2011

my most loved perfumes of the moment.

My #1 most loved perfume at the moment is from the Sex and the City box set collection in the fragrance Love Spell.
I got it from Priceline for $20 (i'm pretty sure that they are still avaliable
for this price) and it came with one 100ml perfume, two purse sized perfumes and a mini perfume. And they smell so amazing. I keep one purse sized one in my handbag, the other in the glovebox of my car and the other two are dresser in my bedroom. I'm no good at describing scents so I cant really describe it to you, other than it smells ... pretty. And it's addictive! I'm scared of running out or it going out of stock so I'm really considering getting another box!

I also have the pink one called Love which is also really pretty. They are both really fun, girly scents. The pink one reminds me of summer.

My last one is Mediterranean by Elizabeth Arden.

I got this one as a birthday present for a friend. It came as part of a giftbox, but I left it in the boot of my car for months! Only recently I found it and was pleasently suprised to find a brand new perfume gift box. Hehe. Don't you love it when you forget about something, and then you find it again? It's like finding a $50 in the pocket of some jeans you haven't worn in a year.

Anyway, this scent is another really pretty one. It can be very strong - so make sure you don't spray too much!

What's your scent of the moment?


  1. Hi Votrebelle, your blog is looking great, just been having a little look see. I've come across from Beauty Heaven.

  2. Thankyou Felicity :)

    Your feedback means alot!


  3. forgot to add my favourite fragrances.
    I'm a sucker for Lancome. Miracle and Magnifique are two of my picks. Also good old Avon stuff is okay too, like a new one called Eternal Magic.