Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A lovely mint story

Being a bath and shower products fanatic, I’m always on the search for more and more products to add to my ever growing bath and shower collection that I have tucked away in my bathroom cupboard.

One of my latest finds is the Treacle Moon collection.

I found the Treacle Moon collection at my local Priceline store. And couldn’t walk past the amazing smells and the gorgeous packaging, without buying one.

I recently purchased “Lovely Mint Story” which is a gorgeous mint colored bath and shower gel.
The short blurb on the front of the bottle reads:

“the mint amused her… its sweet scent tickled her nose, taking her thoughts to a garden where lilac hens in sparkling wellingtons picknicked in the moonlight”

I love the smell of mint things. It’s always been one of my favorites. And this smell is just amazing. It’s got the same peppermint smell of the peppermint freddo frog chocolates!

I’ve gone through a whole bottle and I am anxious to go back at get another.

 The other smells are That Vanilla Moment, The Raspberry Kiss, The Ginger Morning, My Coconut Island and Those Lemonade Days. They all sound amazing!

Check them out on
The website notes that they do international orders, so if you’re not from Australia - you could still try them out.

Also note, the products are not and have never been tested on animals.

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