Thursday, 18 August 2011

Evodia Roll On Fragrance

My recent perfume love Beckham Signature (see my review here) has taken a backseat to these new little guys.

I introduce two roll on fragrances from Evodia. These two little beauties are from the new collections Summer Time and Vanilla Addict.

These fragrances contain natural and organic goodies such as essential oils, vitamins and plant extracts.

But not only are they packed full of those goodies, the smell of them are just amazing!

The products are all made in Australia and are not tested on animals. They also don't have any traces of harsh chemicals, parabens or sulphates.

That's what we like to hear!


The summer time scent is a fruity blend of passion fruit, lime zest and lemon - followed by the gorgeous aromas of ginger and creamy musk.

Because the fragrance is full of goodies, it absorbs really easy into the skin and nourishes and hydrates it as you apply.

This one really is a summery scent. It's fun, fruity and youthful. Every time I put it on it makes me feel bright and bouncy. I just want to apply it, sit back and pretend I'm on some tropical island eating baskets of fruit!


This one would have to be my favorite out of the two.

Vanilla Addict has the traditional vanilla scent but it is mixed up with a surprise twist of spices.

It has the same goodies and benefits as the Summer Time fragrance.

This scent is a really pretty one that I quickly became addicted to. It's really light, fresh and girly.

Just gorgeous!

Apply fragrance to your pulse points. These can be found on the wrist, behind the ear, crook of the arm and knee and the base of the throat.

The blood vessels are closest to the skin at the pulse points. The points give off more heat and act like mini pumps, enabling you to get a longer lasting fragrance scent.

Try applying some at the ankles. The scent will slowly float up and you'll be smelling the fragrance for ages!

You can get Evodia products from Myers, David Jones, Chemists/Pharmacies and some gift stores.

The fragrances are really inexpensive at $12.95 and are perfect for carrying in your handbag.

You can also get them online at

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