Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Lush Ambrosia

Do you suffer from shaving related skin conditions like rashes, bumps and redness? I sure do, and it's the worst.

I've previously used soothing soaps such as Dove which I find really nice. I've recently tried Billie Goat Soap (review here) which is also another nice soothing soap.

The other day I went into Lush to get some goodies (you can view my haul here). After a conversation with the lovely ladies in there, I walked out with the Ambrosia shaving cream.

I was a little worried at first. I usually prefer a thick lather when shaving, and the Ambrosia is a thin kind of formula that glides thinnly onto the skin and is transperant. But it proved me wrong and my worries so vanished.

Although the formula may be thin and doesn't lather, my razor glided smoothly across my skin - leaving no bumps, redness or rash. Just a clean, smooth, close shave.

There have been mixed reviews about this product. Some people don't like the smell, don't like the texture or don't like the fact that you have to continuously rinse your razor.

I didn't mind the smell at all. I found it to be quite pleasent. Different, but nice. And I was always rinsing my razor before using this product, so it didn't bother me at all.

The bottle is quite small, and it might seem like a bit to be paying $20 for something of that size. But the product itself spreads quite easily over the skin so you only need small amounts.

I'm impressed with the condition it left my legs in, and this will definatly be one product that will go into my basket the next time i visit the store.

After shaving, always follow with a moisturiser. This pops the moisture and hydration back into your skin after the drying excerise of shaving. I go over my legs with a hydrating and moisturising body wash before shaving. Pop some onto a shower puff and whisk it over your legs. This will soften the skin and the hairs, making it easier to get a comfortable shave. Also, exfoliate often to prevent ingrown hairs.

Pop into your nearest Lush store (you can find your closest location by clicking here) or you can easily buy online.

What do you use to shave?
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Happy shaving!

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  1. love lush products! i've been looking for a shaving cream, since i've been using soap all life life.... either a shaving cream or one of those razors with inbuilt moisture bars.. curious!