Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Mt Romance Sandalwood Body Butter

I am a big fan of Body Butters, and this is my newest addition to my
ever-growing collection.

If you've never heard of Mt Romance, check out my other post on the Sandalwood Lip Care here. It will tell you a bit more about the company.

Basically Sandalwood is known for it's healing power and for thousands of years indigenous people have used Sandalwood to both cleanse and soothe the skin,  relaxing the mind and body at the same time.

The body butter has a really rich, thick formula that leaves my skin feeling amazing after using it.

The formula has been designed for dry areas of the skin and will help you restore moisture and soothe the areas in which you apply this to - perfect for dry skin and some skin conditions.

I've used this on my legs after shaving it calms the redness of any shaving rash, and puts the moisture back into my skin after the harsh razor blades have been there.

It has a really relaxing scent to it which I really love.

And the packaging is just gorgeous. It's got a real Indigenous Australian feel to it.

Remember, Mt Romance products are free of all nasties such as animal derivatives, harsh detergents or artificial colors which is why it is perfect for those people with sensitive skin.

You can get yours from the Mt Romance website.

There are two different sizes to choose from:

100g = $9.95
225g = $16.95

Which is a lot cheaper than most Body Butters that are out there, and full of more goodies for the skin too.

If you've been searching for a rich, creamy and natural Body Butter this is one you should add to your list to check out.

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