Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Trilogy Face Care

This brand has become the secret to my recently clear and glowing skin.

I have really tempermental skin that breaks out very easily. Over the years I've tried almost every skin care product you can name, but even if they did work for a little while - they eventually stopped working to help clear my complexion.

I've been using these Trilogy products for a little while now and I have had amazing results. My skin is almost totally clear, apart from a blemish here and there occasionally.

My skin has never felt and looked like it has since using these products!

The products are all natural, and feel so amazing when applied to the skin.

The first step is the cream cleanser

Contains certified organic rosehip, evening primrose, jojoba and carrot.

This felt so nice going onto my skin, I even checked to make sure I wasn't accidentally using the moisturiser!

It feels amazingly soft, creamy and lightweight when using and it has a really pretty rose scent.

I love that this cleanser only contains good things. Almond, jojoba and carrot oils help soothe and nourish skin. The roseship oils help to moisture and will maintain that healthy skin.

The instructions are as follows: Gently massage a small amount onto damp skin on the face and neck. Tissue off or rinse with warm water (using a facecloth for best results) and pat dry.
It did a great job of removing all traces of makeup (not so much eye makeup, so you might want to remove that before hand with another product). When I first tried this cleaner out, I swiped over my skin afterwards with a makeup remover towelette to check if the cleanser had left any traces of my makeup - but there were no signs of leftover foundation at all. Perfect!

The next step is the gentle facial exfoliant

Contains certified organic roseship, jojoba and camellia.

This went onto my face after using the cleanser. It has the same pretty rose scent and again, a nice thick creamy lightweight formula. The exfoliating micro-spheres (from Jojoba) are so tiny and gentle, but do an amazing job of smoothing out the skin. 

This exfoliater also contains active honey enzymes and camellia oils which will help to lift all those dead skin cells and any environmental grime.

It really did leave give my skin a nice radiant sheen.

The directions of use are as follows: Using gentle circular motions, massage a small amount onto clean and moist skin on the face and neck. Rinse with generous amounts of warm water and pat skin dry. Use 1-2 times weekly or as required.

Although it does say to use this only a couple of times a week, I have been using this daily after the cleanser because I love that exfoliated feeling. It hasn't caused any irritation or dryness at all.

After you have exfoliated, follow up with the vital moisturising cream

Contains certified organic roseship oil, evening primrose and orange flower.

This moisturiser melted instantly into my skin and left it feeling hydrated. My skin feels beautifully soft after applying it to the face and I am totally in love.

Feels great, looks good and smells amazing - this is one moisturiser I highly recommend. Especially for tired and dull feeling skin.

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  1. I currently use the Trilogy rose hip oil, I am loving it as a night tme face cream, eye cream and night time hand cream. I have had amazing results, so I think it's time to try out other products in their range! Thanks for the well written, informative post :-)

  2. How grainy is the exfoliator? I'm always on the search for a good natural exfoliant that isn't too scratchy but still has plenty of beads to get rid of the stubborn dry skin on my nose. I need something with more than just a few beads but can't quite tell from the photo.

    Nice post by the way. I've never tried Trilogy but have always heard good things and they're natural so you can't go wrong. Glad to hear that you've found a skincare routine that works for you :)

  3. I really want to try the cream cleanser. I'm been using Cetaphil for years and now Cerave but I'm hoping my skin will respond well to this :)