Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Want whiter and brighter teeth?

This packet above is my newest secret beauty weapon.

We all know how amazing it feels to have white teeth.

It makes you feel more confident, it makes you appear younger and more energetic.

But sometimes it's hard to get those chompers looking polished. And heading to your dentist to have it professionally done can really damage that bank account of yours.

So I'm going to share this secret with you.

The WhiteGlo Extreme Teeth Whitening Pen and Strips.

The whitening pen is a professional whitening gel formula that is conveniently stored inside an on-the-go pen.

At the bottom of the pen there is a handle that when twisted, pumps the formula up the inside of the pen and onto the brush that is located at the top.

It was so simple to use. Just twist and brush it onto your teeth.

I've used a couple of whitening products that involve mucking around with teeth guards and different formulas.

And although those may work well, I found this little pen to work just as good but so much easier.

Plus it fits nicely in my makeup bag or handbag so I can take it around with me if I feel I'm going to want to use it (perfect for going on holiday, or honeymoons or if you're just going on a small trip somewhere)

The instructions say to apply this 2 to 3 times throughout the day. I noticed a small difference when applied just once, and the difference just got better as I applied it a few more times.

Make sure that you don't eat or drink while this is on your teeth, and be sure to rinse with water afterwards. It's instructed to leave the formula on the teeth for 1- to 20 minutes.
Then comes the whitening strips.

I fell in love with these the first time I used them - the difference in my tooth color was amazing afterwards.
(it will vary with different people, depending on how stained your teeth are. Mine were fairly okay to begin with, which is why my results were so great. But with continued use, it's possible for all teeth to look great!)

Inside the pack were a bonus 7 whitening strips, which each looked like the photo below

(Sorry if that's difficult to see!)

The larger strip on the left is for the upper teeth and the smaller strip for the lower teeth.

Simply apply these to your teeth following the directions on the packet and let it sit for 10 to 30 minutes.

It feels a little silly sitting around with these on, but while I was waiting I used the time to do other things such as my hair.

Then once the time is up, peel off the strips and rinse with water.

You'll love the results.

In conjunction with these, I use a whitening tooth paste.

Whiteglo has a range of whitening products out such as this one below

Each packet contains the whitening tooth paste, toothbrush and flosser pics.

Another good whitening toothpaste that I love is the Colgate MaxOne Whitening, which I have also had great results with.

You can get the WhiteGlo and Colgate MaxWhite One products from various supermarkets, priceline and pharmacies/chemists.

You can also check it out online at http://www.whiteglo.com/ with free shipping for orders of $75 or Colgate MaxWhite One 


  1. Hi,

    This is Camille (BunnyBear) from BeautyHeaven, i just discovered your blog and i really like it. I'm thinking of starting my own actually.

    Anyway, i am using the Colgate MaxWhite One and i think it's too early to see any results yet but hopefully soon.

    I have tried a product from the US before that i ordered on the internet and it was a gel that i had to apply with mouth trays for 20 minutes. It was soo uncomfortable so yeah now i really wanna try the WhiteGlo product you reviewed. I'll check if it's available at my local priceline.

    Thanks for the reviews and i hope it will work for me too - fingers crossed. xx

  2. @Anonymous

    Hi Camille!

    If you get a chance to try out any of these products, I'd love to hear how they worked for you!


  3. I just bought it and I have the gel on as we speak haha.

    I'm just not sure about when to use the strips because there's only 7...

    xxx Camille