Sunday, 11 September 2011

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Smoothing and Perfecting Leg Gloss

Please ignore the tattered tube of this product! Hehe. You can certainly tell how much it's been used since I've had it.

Today I am introducing you to a wonder little product from the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula range called the Smoothing and Perfecting Leg Gloss.

This product has a lot of goodies and little benefits and is one product I have been using for a long, long time.

Wondering what this little tube of magic actually does?

The smoothing and perfecting leg gloss is a tinted moisturiser that hides imperfection to improve the appearance of your skin.

Kind of like a body foundation!

The product describes itself as made for the legs, but I have used it on various other parts of the body and had the same great effects :)

The formula contains nice skin goodies such as pure cocoa butter and vitamin E.

It also contains light reflecting particles which will help to brighten and illuminate the skin that it is applied to.

And it also contains a hair growth inhibitor! Not sure what that is?

Basically it minimises the need for shaving and other hair removal methods.
This works by changing the structure of the hair follicle the hair gradually becomes finer and softer until it finally disappears.
The enzymes and other ingredients in hair inhibitors actually interrupt the body's normal process of producing new hair cells.

I used this product to help me with hiding the appearance of shaving rash on my legs and it worked nicely.

The idea behind the product is to eliminate the need to wear stockings or pantyhose.

I loved the scent of this product. It's got the typical Palmer's formula cocoa smell which is just amazing.

It gives a nice sheer bronze color when applied. 

The color isn't anything dramatic so if you are looking for something that is going to give you a tan, this probably isn't the product you're looking for.

If that is something you are looking for, you could try out the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs review here.

The smoothing and perfecting leg gloss is more of a coverage and blending product, but still has that nice hint of sheer color.

I find it fantastic for applying over an already existing tan, just to even out the skin and cover up any marks or blemishes that I feel are showing through.

I did however find that it nicely covered up smaller imperfections rather than the bigger ones, so keep this in mind before buying.

You can check this out online here.

I picked mine up from Priceline. You can also find Palmer's products at Kmart, Big W, Target, Hairhouse Warehouse, Price Attack, Chemist Warehouse, Coles and other various supermarkets and chemists/pharmacies.


  1. Do you know if they still sell it? I can't find it anywhere?!?

    1. I'm not sure! I've had this for so so long - I'm still using the same tube!

      Let me if you do find one somewhere! xx

  2. I use this every summer and have run out and cannot find it anywhere, not even on ebay!