Saturday, 29 October 2011

What am I using in my hair?

For those of you who may not know, I have recently gone through a hair transformation.

From short and dark to long and lighter - my hair has been through an intense color process.

Getting my dark hair to this light color involved stripping the hair of it's color, applying an all-over base color, and then having different shade of blonde applied throughout the hair.

Although my hair took quite well to the whole process, it still took it's toll and I found quite a bit of moisture-loss.

I've since had permanent extensions applied into my hair to gain my desired length.

This process has added an extra need for good hair-care.

Because hair extensions miss out on your natural hair oils it can be easy for the extensions to become dry and brittle.

I have been trying quite a few different shampoos and conditioners lately, but the set I am about to introduce to you is having better results than any other.

(View my Sukin hair care review here, or click here for my review on the gorgeous KMS California hair care)

This particular range was recommended by a local hairdresser who found that these products combined did amazing things for her hair.

The range is by Matrix. 

Matrix is the leading professional hair care and hair color company in the United States and forms part of L'Oreal USA's Professional Products Division.

The brand is salon professional and offers a wide range of hair care, hair color and hair texturizing products.

So there is something within the range for all hair types.

For my particular hair situation, I am using products from the Total Results range.

Total Results consists of five complete haircare ranges – Moisture, Color Care, Sleek, Amplify and Curl - perfect for every hair challenge, and Total Miracle products.
The shampoo helps to control, defrizz, moisturise and repair hair - especially unruly and medium to coarse hair.

I found this shampoo did exactly what it claims to do.
My hair felt so much better, even just after one wash!

The conditioner will help to smooth and control any frizz and offers all day humidity protection.

After applying this to my hair it instantly felt softer and smoother.

So gorgeous!

After rinsing and stepping out of the shower, I towel dry my hair.

This process involves using the towel to squeeze any excess water out of my hair (I don't like to rub the towel vigorously over my hair as it could cause breakage and frizz).

I don't completely dry it at this stage because the next product requires the hair to still be damp.

I then apply this next miracle worker.

The Matrix Total Results Sleek Lisse Silk Wonders Smoothing Oil
(say that 20 times fast!)

This oil helps to smooth and defrizz hair.

And that is exactly what it did!

With hair still damp, I squeeze a small amount into my hands and rub them together.

I then apply this to my hair from the mid-lengths down.

Once all the product has been transferred from my hands onto my hair, I squeeze another very small amount and concentrate this on the ends of my hair.

I then avoid heat drying my hair, and allow time for it to air dry.

(to speed up the process, try dancing around your room to singers such as Beyonce, Rihanna or Lady Gaga)

You'll notice how soft and gorgeous your hair remains, even as it starts to dry!

I've been using these products for a little while now and I can honestly say I am seeing amazing results.

The condition of my hair has changed and it is now noticeably softer, smoother and has a lot less frizz.

I picked these products up from Hairhouse Warehouse.

Check your nearest store, as I was able to get the shampoo and conditioner together in a $20 pack.

The products I am showing today are part of the Sleek range.

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