Saturday, 9 June 2012

Natio Eye Makeup Remover Pads

The Natio Eye Makeup Remove Pads are designed as a quick and easy way to remove your eye makeup. It removes stubborn waterproof mascaras and is gentle on the eyes and the area surrounding it.

The formula contains goodies such as cucumber extract, chamomile and green tea which will help to moisturise and soothe the skin. The wipes are really moist and I find that they do a great job of removing my mascara at night. 

The only problem I had with these pads is that I found it to be a little bit messy as the wipes remove the mascara and eye products but then tends to slide it around on the skin a bit. If you're using them before you cleanse your skin you'll be fine as you will end up washing it off, but otherwise you may find that you will need to go in afterwards with a tissue or cloth and just remove the excess product from the skin (you'll see what I mean in the video below!)

I didn't experience any stinging or irritation of the skin after using these pads which I sometimes find when using other eye products. 

You get 30 pads to a packet and they are so affordable at only $6.32.
I picked mine up from Priceline, but you should be able to find them wherever you can find Natio products.

To find out more you can visit the Natio website

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  1. They sound great!! I've never tried anything from Natio but I really want to!! I love how they've got a natural vibe about them and they seem really good. (: xx